Japan-based Marine says separation order for vaccine refusal is ‘unlawful’
A Marine in Japan who refused a COVID-19 vaccine is being court-martialed for missing two flights to the United States to be discharged.
Marine COVID survivor on the mend and running course after double lung transplant
One day in early 2021, Robert Domen was a fit U.S. Marine pursuing his love of running. Two months later, Domen was fighting for his life.
Marine accused of stabbing pregnant ex-wife to death after fight on busy Hawaii highway
A Marine allegedly stabbed his pregnant ex-wife to death following an argument on a bustling Hawaii highway — even as passersby and commuters hopped out of their own vehicles and desperately tried to stop him.
Military aviation crashes are again on the rise. Are ongoing safety and training issues to blame?
A spate of military aircraft crashes over recent months is again raising questions about the Pentagon's approach to safety and training across military branches.
Japan-based Marine takes her religious objection to COVID-19 vaccine to trial
Lance Cpl. Catherine Arnett said she’s being prosecuted for refusing to exit the Marine Corps based on her unwillingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Generals nominated to lead Special Operations and Africa commands promised quick confirmations by Senate panel
Army Lt. Gen. Bryan Fenton and Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael Langley told senators Thursday that they are prepared to counter terrorism threats and Chinese and Russian influence and prioritize troop well-being if confirmed to lead Special Operations Command and Africa Command respectively.
‘I get chills thinking about it’: After 246 years, Marines set for their first Black four-star general
If confirmed, Michael E. Langley would be based in Stuttgart, assuming control of roughly 6,000 U.S. troops in Africa, including about 1,300 in West Africa and about 3,500 at a base in Djibouti, a spokeswoman said.
Small amount of cannabis gets Okinawa-based Marine a suspended six-month sentence
A Marine on Okinawa was handed a suspended, six-month sentence Tuesday by a Japanese court for a small amount of cannabis he said he bought in a bar.
DARPA scores success with hypersonic missile launch from Marine Corps truck
DARPA said the system achieved all test objectives, ranging from usage of a logistics truck to launch a medium-range missile to incorporation of Army inventory artillery fire control systems.
'It's our job to find them': Japanese, Americans dig for WWII remains on Okinawa
Volunteers look for remains of two Americans killed in cave by Japanese holdouts after Battle of Okinawa.
Marines on Okinawa ready to bring 3D printing to the fight
The mobile 3D-printing units fit into the Marines’ current warfighting doctrine that emphasizes rapid movement and reduced demand on supply lines, according to the Marine Corps’ Force Design 2030.
Extreme heat killed Marine recruit in 2021 during ‘crucible’ training; death was avoidable, his mom says
A heavily redacted report prepared by the Marines and given to Pvt. 1st Class Dalton Beals’ mother states her son died of hyperthermia and that the death was avoidable. The report recommended “punitive or administrative action.”
As Massachusetts Marine killed in Afghanistan honored, call for mental health support builds
Organized by Salem State University in Massachusetts, the service honored Marine Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo, who was killed in the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021.
Marines, Australians hone logistics skills they’ll need to deploy from Down Under
In Exercise Koolendong, U.S. and Australian forces are simulating a crisis response, Australia’s Defense Department said.
Marines say bullet that broke glass pane at Okinawa home isn’t theirs
A projectile that apparently shattered a glass pane at a home near the Marine Corps’ Camp Hansen did not come from any of the camp’s live-fire ranges, a Marine Corps spokesman said.
Air Force investigating death of family dog on PCS flight
A Marine family is unhappy with the Air Force Air Mobility Command over the death of their dog July 1 on a flight to Okinawa on the Patriot Express.
Marine denies assault charge after arrest on Okinawa
Japanese police arrested a Marine early Saturday on suspicion of assault after he allegedly choked a man outside a bar, a police spokesman said Wednesday.
California Marine returns home for first time since being injured in Kabul bombing
Of the 18 Marines wounded at the Kabul airport, Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews was the most critically injured, losing his left leg at the hip and his right arm above the elbow.
‘Sorry for taking your baby boy’: Sentence for man who killed Boise Marine irks family
The man who shot and killed a Boise Marine in December 2020 will spend up to 40 years in prison, an Ada County district judge decided Friday morning, but he could earn parole by the end of 2035.