Evan Wright, who told story of young Marines in ‘Generation Kill,’ dies at 59

Evan Wright, the author of the iconic book “Generation Kill,” which captured the danger and wild camaraderie of young Marines in combat, has died. He was 59.

Airman’s ingenuity with lifesaving device leads him to the patent office

An airman’s invention aims to make a lifesaving device wearable and easily accessible in an emergency.

F-35Cs, Ospreys to replace Super Hornets and Greyhounds at Marine base in Japan

The Navy said Monday it is replacing squadrons of F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters and C-2A Greyhound transports with next-generation stealth fighters and tiltrotors at this base south of Hiroshima.

Hawaii-based soldiers stretch their logistics legs for training in Borneo

Hundreds of U.S. soldiers and Marines recently wrapped up training in Malaysia, an island nation that steers a neutral course between U.S. regional interests and Beijing’s maritime claims in the South China Sea.

Biden nominates one of Austin’s top military advisers to lead US Army Pacific

President Joe Biden has nominated a lieutenant general with a history of command in the region to become the next leader of U.S. Army Pacific.

‘Heart-rending’ fiery crash kills 2, including US airman, in northeastern Japan

Two people, including a U.S. airman, died and a third person was injured in a fiery car crash over the weekend near Misawa Air Base in northeastern Japan.

‘Sailors never flinched’: Eisenhower strike group welcomed home after deployment spent battling Houthi attacks

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and about 5,000 sailors returned from what senior U.S. officials are calling a “deployment of firsts” following nine months at sea, seven of which were in a combat zone.

B-2 Spirit, ACC A-10 Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team highlight Wings Over Whiteman Air Show

Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri opened its two-day WOW Air Show on Saturday. Among the weekend’s highlights was a flyover by B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and the ACC A-10 Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team.

78 years after a B-17 crashed on Mount Tom people gather to remember

Saturday morning broke hot and muggy, not unlike the day 78 years ago when 25 men climbed about a converted B-17 bomber to fly from Greenland to New York after the end of World War II. But the plane never made it.

Rocket – used to carry astronauts – fails on uncrewed satellite mission

SpaceX’s workhorse Falcon 9 rocket, which carries astronauts to the International Space Station, experienced a rare failure Thursday night after blasting off from Vandenberg Space Force Base on an uncrewed mission.