Hawaii groups want US to shut down military fuel tanks
The call to shut them down comes after a series of recent revelations about fuel leaks associated with the Red Hill fuel tanks or Pearl Harbor.
Air Force bars unvaccinated airmen from transferring to new duty stations
As of Tuesday, 96.6% of active-duty airmen had been fully vaccinated, leaving 7,874 airmen unvaccinated, according to Air Force statistics.
Stuffed to the brim: Thanksgiving on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson included 1,200 pounds of turkey
Soldiers and their families waited in a long line that wrapped around the Wilderness Inn Dining Facility on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson for a hearty Thanksgiving meal Tuesday.
Navy putting chaplains aboard every destroyer in the fleet
Placing a chaplain with a ship across the deployment cycle fosters deeper connections with the crew and command, U.S. 6th Fleet said.
German tax collectors continue to target US airman after he returns to America
The case spotlights the financial danger faced by some U.S. military personnel in Germany at the hands of local tax offices, which have argued the SOFA treaty can be disregarded under certain circumstances.
Police say Marine fled alcohol-fueled crash that injured 3-year-old on Okinawa
Lance Cpl. Austin Lucas, 26, of 3rd Marine Logistics Group at Camp Hansen, was arrested near the Henan bridge in Ogimi village at approximately 10:30 p.m., roughly four hours after the crash, a Nago police spokesman told Stars and Stripes by phone Wednesday.
Army says Iron Dome system test validates layered air defense for Guam
A three-week test of the Iron Dome air defense system at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam was successful, according to the commander of the Army task force that conducted the trial.
US airman suspected in DUI crash refused a breath test, South Korean police say
A 42-year-old technical sergeant assigned to Osan Air Base is under investigation from the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul, a senior police officer told Stars and Stripes by phone Tuesday.
Former Fort Irwin soldier twice convicted of possessing child porn sentenced to prison
Steven Berg was arrested for possession of child pornography in August at the Fort Irwin National Training Center after a search warrant was served at a home there. At the time of his arrest, Berg was still on active duty despite being on felony probation after being convicted of the same crime in February.
Got the wrong goat: West Point cadets try to nab Navy mascot
West Point cadets attempting to nab the U.S. Naval Academy's mascot ahead of the annual Army-Navy football game ended up grabbing a different goat, according to a report.