Sex tape imbroglio involving two service members and a DOD civilian in Germany has all three calling foul
A sex tape scandal involving a U.S. Army civilian, a soldier and an Air Force reservist is sparking criticisms of unequal consequences for sharing explicit images without a person’s consent.
US base in Germany looking into claim that security forces airman offered bribe to pass fitness test
Last week, social media users who said they were affiliated with the 86th Security Forces Squadron at Ramstein Air Base anonymously alleged a cover-up and described plummeting morale among the ranks of the military police unit.
Air Force grounds almost 300 training planes as ejection seat safety concerns spread
The Air Force has temporarily sidelined nearly half of its combat training aircraft and a smaller portion of its primary training aircraft while it reviews the safety of a potentially defective ejection seat part.
Former California-based airman gets 15-year sentence for making child pornography
A former Air Force airman was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in federal prison for producing child pornography, the U.S. Justice Department said in a news release.
Fate of unvaccinated National Guard members and reservists sparks fears on Capitol Hill of mass military separations
As an Arizona county braced for monsoon rains last week, nearly 100 members of the state’s National Guard filled sandbags and helped with other flood recovery efforts.
180th Fighter Wing, Wright-Patterson security forces scheduled exercises Wednesday
The Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base 88th Security Forces both scheduled separate exercises Wednesday.
NATO ‘air shielding’ adds half-dozen US Raptor jets to beef up deterrence of Russia
The Air Force is sending F-22 Raptor jets to Poland in support of NATO’s air shielding mission, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa said.
All flavors satisfy: Army family brings daughter’s ice cream dream to Air Force base
A military family operates a thriving ice cream truck on and off an Air Force base in Missouri.
Ramstein airmen respond to real medical emergency during basewide preparedness exercise
The scripted emergency scenarios devised to kick off a basewide exercise gave way to an actual urgent situation, providing a real test of the 86th Airlift Wing’s ability to respond.
Fairchild commander passes the guidon on to Col. Chesley Dycus
Dycus assumed responsibility for the approximately 6,500 airmen, dependents and Department of Defense employees at Fairchild immediately after the ceremony.
Coloradans developing state’s newest firefighting tool, transforming a Black Hawk to a Firehawk
The hangar contains a Black Hawk far from fit to fly. Its electronic guts hang loose in the cockpit. Its floors are ripped up. Its seats might as well be on a beach somewhere. And it’s looking just the way it’s supposed to.
B-21 bomber to be revealed later this year, SD senator says
Ellsworth Air Force Base is getting closer to receiving the B-21 Raider, one of the most advanced aircraft to ever be developed,” according to Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota.
Congress could shut down county plan for private planes at Homestead air base
Miami-Dade’s plans to bring civil aviation to the Homestead Air Reserve Base may be on the way to being grounded by Congress.
Iranian drones a chief concern for new Air Force boss in Middle East
U.S. combat jets still have the advantage in the skies of the Middle East, but Iran has adapted its tactics and made great strides because of its drones, Maj. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich said.
Travis AFB medical center welcomes new leader
The Air Force's largest hospital, David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base, last week welcomed a new commander during a change-of-command ceremony.
US, allies weigh providing Ukraine fighter jets to counter Russia
The Ukrainian air force has been outgunned by Russia since the invasion began Feb. 24.
Java volcano gets wide berth from US airlifters training in Indonesia
Volcanic ash was a flight hazard for American airlifters who spent 10 days training with their Indonesian counterparts on the island of Java last month.
Wright-Patterson requires masks for all as COVID cases rise
Col. Christopher Meeker, 88th Air Base Wing and installation commander, announced that the base will transition to HPCON Charlie.
Court documents allege Wright-Patterson AFB scientist pressured contractor to employ prostitute
The probe involves a scientist, now dead, who worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Hypersonics Directorate and a prostitute who was eventually employed by two local defense contractors on the scientist’s urgings.