Who's got spirit?

After a decisive victory in the “Gangnam Style” video battle earlier this year, the cadets at West Point seem to be resting on their laurels and keeping their hopes of a victory over Navy to themselves.

Unlike past years, when a quick YouTube search could net dozens of cadet- and midshipman-made videos proclaiming service academy superiority, this year’s videos tend toward the Navy side. One of the flashiest is “Game for the Real Players,” while “Sink the Army in One More Fight," based on Maroon 5’s “One More Night,” also features Navy-inspired lyrics but off-key vocals. The commandant and sergeant major of the Marine Corps even contributed a video and a knife hand to the Navy effort. Many of the Naval Academy’s football players become Marine officers.

One video that appears to have been made by a cadet spoofs a Pabst Blue Ribbon video, proclaiming that the game is “not like normal football,” and is like “watching George Washington storm across the field, fighting the Brits, the redcoats and the goats.”  A second shows several creative ways to pie a mid in the face while wearing a dragon costume. The rest of the Army-themed videos come from units across the world. Perhaps the cadets were devoting their creative energy to a cyber prank instead?

So, no contenders yet to beat out last year’s favorites. But there’s still about 23 hours before kickoff.



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