What do you think: Was it a plane?

ARLINGTON, Va. – So, was it a plane? That’s quickly becoming the consensus, according to a number of overnight reports. And now the Pentagon says so, too. Mostly.

“There is no evidence to suggest it was anything other than an aircraft,” said Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters Wednesday. But Lapan would not declare that the military is 100 percent sure it was an aircraft.

“Do I need to give you the ‘death and taxes’ quote?” he joked. “I mean, what is 100 percent sure in anything?”

On Tuesday, a minor missile scare erupted after a CBS News helicopter captured video of a condensation trail rising from the sea off the coast of California.

“I’m just speculating,” Robert Ellsworth, former deputy defense secretary, told CBS affiliate KFMB on Tuesday. “It could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine – an underwater submarine – to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we could do that.”

By the end of the day, weapons experts were coming to a different conclusion: It was a streaking jet plane emerging from the horizon at tens of thousands of feet in the air.


Our brethren geeks — er, experts — at Danger Room, the prolific defense security blog of Wired.com for all things robot, laser and mystery missile said yesterday the contrails must have been from a plane.

Here’s a nice collection of pictures of other plane contrails that look suspiciously missile-like.

Still, the Pentagon has not yet confirmed the plane theory.

What do you think?


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