USAF Band flash mobs the Air and Space Museum

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Think the world needs some more joy in it? Or maybe you just aren’t in the holiday spirit yet.

The United States Air Force has you covered. A flash mob of Air Force musicians converged on the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., earlier this month to bring smiles to patrons.

Uploaded two days ago to YouTube on Dec. 3, the video already has more than 80,000 views and it is climbing rapidly.

The mob starts slowly, with just an empty chair no one notices. An Air Force servicemember takes the seat and starts playing the cello. Slowly, people stop to stare. Within the crowd, visitors shed their coats revealing crisp dark blue Air Force uniforms.

From above, a line of light blue collared shirts appear. It starts out with just two women singing, quickly joined by a dozen other Air Force members.

Command modules, space capsules and airplane models are the backdrop for the Air Force Band as it wowed the crowd. It may not have been a typical, fast-moving flash mob, but the Air Force Band’s slow month and on every level take worked perfectly.

Though the video does raise some questions. Did security let them in past the metal detectors? Because I’ve been stopped with a bottle of soda before, nevermind a giant trombone. Were they snuck in the back? Were visitors to the museum so wowed by the awesome ships and images of far-away galaxies they didn’t notice the people in large coats with suspicious looking instrument-shaped bulges underneath them?

Either way, the message is clear. Enjoy the holidays! 

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A musical instrument was incorrectly identified in an earlier version of this article.


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