Tweet critique: Stavridis promises online tune-up

STUTTGART, Germany - After getting called out last week on the popular military tech blog Danger Room as one of the military’s “worst tweeters,” don’t expect Adm. James Stavridis (aka @stavridisj) to shy away from his forays into social media.

Stavridis, U.S. European Command chief and NATO’s top military officer in Europe, was notified by e-mail from his staff about the Wired report, which took Stavridis and other four-star commanders to task for too many frivolous tweets. Stavridis’ response: “I'll work at sharpening the tweets."

Later in the day, Stavridis sent an e-mail to the other military commanders singled out by Danger Room. The subject line in Stavridis’ e-mail: “A Proud Band of (Tweeting) Brothers.”

"My reaction: No worries -- it's all about getting out there and moving the message, and frankly a lot of the comments were actually very positive in the original post and almost universally in the responses,” Stavridis wrote. “I look at it as constructive feedback."

"So don't get discouraged and keep tweeting!" Stavridis continued. As it turns out, even a little bad publicity can be pretty good. After the Dec. 28 report, Stavridis’ Twitter account had a spike of about 100 new followers.


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