The best of Stripes Central 2011

The past year delivered no shortage of screaming front-page headlines for military readers.

There were the victories: A team of Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, and the Iraq War finally ended as the last U.S. troops crossed into Kuwait.

And there were the tragedies: Thirty U.S. troops killed when a Chinook was shot out of the sky in Afghanistan, and American servicemembers, many of them having returned from war safely but not unscathed, continued to take their own lives at a troubling rate.

Read about all of these stories and more at Stars and Stripes’ 2011 Year in Review page.

But here on the Stripes Central blog, we try to take the breaking news and show you why it might affect you personally. We also look for the sad, happy, funny or weird stories that might otherwise be overlooked.

Several such posts stood out this year in our little corner of the blogosphere. And so, because the year is just about over and because, by God, people just plain like reading Top 10 lists, here then is Stripes Central Top 10 most read blogs of 2011:

  1. Soldier pawns Purple Heart for Christmas
  2. Military pay freeze? Some troops back the idea
  3. NATO, Taliban get into duel on Twitter
  4. Government shutdown: How it will affect veterans
  5. Will commissaries stay open during a government shutdown?
  6. ‘Dad, I’m gay. Do you still love me?’
  7. Army to unveil new PT test on Tuesday
  8. Vets groups appalled by heckling at Columbia
  9. Report: Troops could miss paychecks in a shutdown
  10. What's so special about SEAL Team 6



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