Soldier's parents: The MOH is 'honor he deserves'

Following the White House announcement yesterday that Staff Sgt. Robert Miller would become the third servicemember from Afghanistan to be awared the Medal of Honor, his parents released this statement thanking the military and remembering their son:

We thank God that Rob will receive the recognition and honor he deserves, and for having blessed our family with Rob’s presence. Rob was an energetic, curious, always active child. His sense of adventure and love of country led him to enlist in the US Army in 2003.

With his natural athleticism and gift for learning languages, Rob excelled in Special Forces training and was proud to earn the Green Beret. Rob quickly earned the respect and friendship of his teammates, as well as the Afghan soldiers that he constantly trained and worked with in Afghanistan.

We are proud that Rob displayed so much courage, skill, and selflessness during his final actions.

Rob Miller was the oldest of eight children, and several family members are expected to attend the White House ceremony in his honor on Oct. 6. 


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