Obama back to Pentagon for 9/11 anniversary

President Barack Obama will participate in September 11 anniversary ceremonies at the Pentagon this Saturday morning, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will host the service, which begins at 9:30am, eastern, according to Pentagon staff. Gibbs said Vice President Joe Biden will head to New York for the ground zero service, while First Lady Michelle Obama and former First Lady Laura Bush will meet in Pennsylvania, where United Arilines flight 93 -- now believed headed toward the U.S. Capitol building -- crashed into the ground. 

American Airlines flight 77 from Washington-Dulles to Los Angeles was crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37am on September 11, 2001 by hijackers, killing 65 people on the plane and 125 in the building. The plane struck the outer E-ring facing Arlington National Cemetery.

A complete timeline is available here.

A smoke plume could be seen rising into the sky for days from vantages across greater Washington, D.C.


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