Newest MOH recipient begins his media blitz

WASHINGTON -- This morning, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange as part of his post-White House media tour. The event came less than 24 hours after he acknowledged a standing ovation before the New York Jets game on Sunday, and just a few hours before his scheduled appearance on the David Letterman show later tonight.

Those types of public appearances are just one of the new job responsibilities for Giunta, a self-described line solider who, after receiving the Medal of Honor last week, now finds himself as one of the most famous living members of the military.

And even though he is clearly somewhat uncomfortable with the attention, so far that hasn’t stopped Giunta from making the rounds and highlighting the sacrifice of his fellow servicemembers.

“Honestly it's not about me,” he said on the Colbert Report last Thursday. “Out of all the times that I have seen combat in Afghanistan, I have never been alone. … This is for everyone that I've served with, trained-up for, everyone in Afghanistan since 2001; Iraq since 2003; all the people who are out there every single day giving everything they have for this country, that don't wear this [medal] around their neck.”

On Tuesday Iowa will celebrate "Sal Giunta Day" to honor the local hero. After that, the Army has not announced what his next appearance will be, or when he’ll return back to his unit in Italy.

Life won't be the same for Medal of Honor recipient


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