Morning Reading, April 13: The pigs are winning

Iraqi farmers are engaged in an intense standoff and their livelihoods hang in the balance. But so far, Michael Gisick reports, the pigs are winning. Feral hogs are helping themselves to Iraqi crop fields and leaving behind a trampled mess.

In years past, Christian hunters would kill the hogs for food. But now, with lingering security fears, they try to keep the gunfire to a minimum. That lesson was learned when those manning a security checkpoint mistook a nearby hog shoot for an incoming attack.

“Soon everyone was shooting and it was not a good day,” said a local sheik.

Meanwhile, Stars and Stripes announced Tuesday that it will begin this week distributing the weekly U.S. Edition to bases across Hawaii. Starting Friday, 10,000 copies of the free paper will be available at various base locations and at the Hale Koa Hotel.

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