More problems at DFAS: 18,000 pay statements sent to wrong address

The folks over at Defense Finance and Accounting Service have taken lumps recently for their role in the delays of Army retroactive stop-loss payments. This week they announced a new snafu: The mismailing of more than 18,000 military retirees' account statements, which could have put their personal data at risk.

The problem occurred late last month, at the Document Automation and Production Service. Because of a glitch in their mail merge system, statements containing recipients' names, type of retirement benefits and the amount of their payouts were sent to other retirees.

In a press release DFAS officials said they do not believe the misprinted statements listed retirees' social security numbers, bank account information or phone numbers.The office has not received any reports of individuals identities being hacked or stolen.

"Maintaining the privacy of customers is of the utmost importance to DAPS and DFAS who proudly serve our nation's military personnel," officials said in a statement. "Both organizations regret the error and will work to ensure quality control procedures are improved and followed."

Recipients of the misprinted statements have been asked to destroy the erroneous printouts. Corrected forms will be reissued to the affected individuals.

Retirees with any questions regarding their accounts or the problems can call (800) 321-1080.


Stop-Loss retroactive pay problems

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