Military's absentee voting week starts today

Officials at the Federal Voting Assistance Program will launch their biennial absentee voting week reminders, letting overseas troops know that it's already time to start thinking about the November elections.

Troops stationed outside the United States who want to vote in the midterm elections needed to make sure their registration and mailing information was up-to-date months ago. Absentee ballots should be arriving in troops mailboxes shortly, but FVAP officials are warning servicemembers not to wait too long for that paperwork.

Even in remote places like Afghanistan, the ballots should take under three weeks to mail back to local election offices in the states. But FVAP officials warn that if troops don't receive their state ballots by Oct. 4, they should consider filling out a federal absentee write-in ballot instead.

The federal ballots must be accepted by state officials, and will ensure that troops can cast their tally for at least the top races on their local ballot. FVAP officials are also advising all troops to send in their state ballots as soon as they receive them, to make sure they arrive in time to be counted.

For more information, visit your local election assistance officer, or the FVAP web site.


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