Military meme roundup

From verydemotivational.com, a cute meme.<br>
From verydemotivational.com, a cute meme.

They have invaded everything - your Facebook newsfeed, your casual daily dalliance with reddit, and maybe even your twitter account.

Maybe - just maybe - there’s one what will make you literally laugh out loud. If you’re lucky.

They’re military memes. Military memes may not be as prevalent as celebrity memes (or the popular McKayla is not impressed meme), but the military-themed jokes tend to be more pointed and created by people who live and breathe the military - and "get it.”

They range from making fun of training to viral photos of deployed soldiers doing something slightly off - a kitten spotted in a rucksack, a soldier on a donkey, a servicemember doing a weird jump out of a vehicle. Sometimes these photos are taken out of context - there’s probably a simple back story to the meme of what looks like a tank about to be catapulted.

Authenticity of the memes, i.e. whether these pictures have been photoshopped, is ignored over the entertainment value and the ability to connect with military personnel on a deeper level.

These memes know their audience. Who better to empathize with the Marine shouting in your face than a Marine that has already been there?

So here are some examples, a gallery of military memes from around the Internet. Did the reporter miss one? Send the link her way via email or tweet to be considered for a future blog post.

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Military meme 1 and 2 from http://www.dodge-dart.org/forum/u-s-military-services-veterans/849-your-mil-meme-here.html

Meme 3:


Meme 4:


Meme 5:


Meme 6:


Meme 7


Meme 8


Meme 9



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