Former HASC chairman: We won in Iraq

WASHINGTON -- After researching the Iraq war in depth for the last few years, former House Armed Services Chairman Duncan Hunter has a simple message for the American public: We won.

Hunter, an Army veteran and a California Republican who served in the House of Representatives for 28 years, is releasing his book, “Victory in Iraq: How America Won,” later this month. The goal, he said, is to highlight the heroics of troops who served in the combat zone (the book includes interviews with more than 100 Silver Star recipients) but also to “set the record straight” on the legacy of the fight.

“We won the war, and that’s been obscured,” he said. “The mission was successful because of the heroics of our people serving over there. You don’t always hear about that. [President Barack] Obama said he ended the war this summer, but he didn’t say we won it. But we did.”

Hunter, who held the top job in the House defense panel from 2003 to 2007, said the book also includes insider details of the initial invasion, how the 2007 “surge” of troops into Iraq came about, and why he believes media coverage of the conflict painted the war in a negative light.

But, he said, he hopes the main point readers take away from his book is that Iraq was not a failed mission.

“The driver who delivered the first batch of books to my house, he asked me what the book was about,” Hunter said. “I told him it was about winning in Iraq, and his response was, ‘We won?’ That’s why I wrote it. We’re leaving Iraq in victory, and we need to say that.”


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