DODEA SAT scores rise in 2010

The average SAT scores for students in Defense Department schools rose in 2010, putting them above the national average for critical reading and writing but below the national average for math, according to the Department of Defense Education Activity.

 Between 2009 and 2010, DODEA students’ average scores increased from 505 to 510 on the critical reading section of the test; from 498 to 499 on the math section; and from 492 to 494 on the writing section.

The national average for SAT scores in 2010 was 501 for critical reading, 516 for math and 492 for writing.

DODEA will look at how well its curriculum standards, SAT prep programs and other factors are working together to increase students’ test scores, Acting DODEA Director Marilee Fitzgerald said in a news release.

“While DoDEA's performance on the SAT is on a positive trajectory, we want significant gains in our average scores,” she said.


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