Do you think AAFES is censoring your choices?

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service was in the news this week not for what they've done but what they won't do. Today, officials there confirmed they will not carry the new "Medal of Honor" video game because of its realistic depictions of Taliban fighters killing American troops. AAFES commander Maj. Gen. Bruce Casella said the decision came “out of respect to those we serve."

Earlier this week, AAFES officials also confirmed that they will not be showing “The Tillman Story,” a documentary exploring the U.S. government’s cover-up after the death of former NFL football player Pat Tillman, at Reel Time Theaters overseas. Spokesman Judd Anstey said that decision was not based on its controversial nature but instead because other movies would appeal to a larger audience.

AAFES operates more than 3,100 facilities worldwide in more than 30 countries. For troops in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and many other overseas areas -- it's often their key link back home, the only reputable place to get American products or keep up with U.S. trends.

Were the decisions the right call? Should AAFES limit access to controversial titles or products?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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