Details of husband's death in paper rattle widow

WASHINGTON -- Katie Wade had heard the story of how her husband had been blown up in Afghanistan. She talked with his best friend, a fellow Marine who had been right ahead of Cpl. Chad Wade on patrol when he stepped on the roadside bomb.

But she hadn't shared any of those details. Despite her blog about her grief, which I recently wrote about, she had kept the story of his last moments close to the vest.

Those details have now been revealed in an article by the Wall Street Journal that looked at the Corps' program for dealing with combat stress downrange through the lens of Wade's death.

In a recent blog post from Saturday when the article was published, Katie wrote: "It's not fair that those personal details are for any curious person to read."

Mostly, though, she was overwhelmed by learning of how Chad's squad mates struggled to deal with his death. To read about the tears and heartache they had gone out of their way to hide from her on the phone.

"I have grown to love these men and see them as a part of my family," she blogged. "That is why it is so hard for me to actually hear what really happened after. I know that when they called, they toughed it out for me. Tried not to shed any tears or let me hear the fear in their voices. I knew this...but I let it be.”


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