Ballistic boxers might just save your tail

WASHINGTON — A British firm has developed ballistic underwear known as “Blast Boxers,” which are designed to protect troops’ most sensitive regions.

“The tagline on the product is: Protection for your privates, both literally and figuratively,” said Edward Schmitt, of BCB International, which makes the protective gear.

The undies were shown at the annual Association of the United States Army convention, which spotlights a whole bunch of neat gear that companies want the Army to buy.

The boxers, which weigh less than a half pound, feature soft panels to protect the femoral artery and other sensitive areas from debris and flames accompanying a blast, Schmitt said.

The British Defense Ministry is currently testing the underwear.

“It’s designed to stop low-mass but high-velocity particles from penetrating the human body, like what’s typically encountered when an IED explodes,” he said. “It gives the same level of ballistic protection to those regions of the body as what you’d normally get from a set of U.S. standard safety goggles that are issued to our people.”

The boxers have been tested extensively, but not with someone wearing a pair when a bomb goes off.

“We couldn’t find anyone that would work for that kind of money,” Schmitt said.


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