Aviano airman finds music in a monitor

Air Force Staff Sgt. Charles McDaniel was with his wife, LaQuita, at Italy’s Aviano Air Base hospital on Dec. 15, where she was waiting to give birth to baby Kingston.

Something on the heart monitor “slipped out of place,” McDaniel said, producing a rhythmic “beep beep.”

While it didn’t signify a problem, McDaniel said, he wanted to keep his wife calm through labor.

“While it was beeping, it started to sound like a melodic tune,” he said Wednesday.

So he freestyled over it.

A video of McDaniel rapping along to the heart monitor beeps, entertaining his wife in the process, has logged nearly 60,000 hits on YouTube as of Wednesday.

Beep beep, “dilated,” beep beep ,”cervix,” beep beep, “whatcha doin’?” beep beep, “have a baby,” beep beep, “Kingston,” beep beep, “come out.”

“I had the tune and said some words to get her to calm down,” McDaniel said. “She eventually smiled so I guess it worked out.”

McDaniel said he posted the video last weekend and has been surprised by the number of hits and media attention.

So far he’s done interviews with his hometown radio station and a Canadian news outlet. Other stations have offered to buy the video’s rights.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know about that,’” he said. “It’s a big surprise, a very big surprise. I’m still not convinced.”

McDaniel has only been present for the births of three of his five children due to military life, but said he always tries to keep his wife calm and entertained when he’s there.

“Every time I was in the delivery room, it was always an event for the medical staff,” said McDaniel, an amateur singer and rapper when not performing for his pregnant wife.

The video’s success is an anniversary of sorts for the McDaniels, who celebrate 10 years of marriage on Jan. 26.

McDaniel said Monday that the beeping wasn’t a sign that something was wrong with mother or child.

“Kingston is a healthy baby boy,” he said. “There were nurses in the room the whole time. The monitor had slipped, and it sounded like music to me.”


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