Army's former top NCO charged with running down pedestrian

WASHINGTON -- Arlington police have charged Gene McKinney, the Army's former top enlisted officer, with intentionally driving his car into a fellow carpooler after that man complained about McKinney's driving.

The incident, first reported on ARLnow.com this morning, occurred Oct. 27 at after McKinney picked up a pair of commuters in Virginia heading into Washington, D.C. Arlington Police said after some time in the car the two carpoolers demanded to be let out, accusing McKinney of driving too fast and too erratically.

According to the crime report, when one of the commuters tried to take a picture of McKinney's license plate, he sped up and struck the man. Police charged McKinney, a 59-year-old Manassas, Va., resident, with attempted malicious wounding.

He faces a preliminary hearing on the incident Dec. 6. 

McKinney served as the Army's top non-commissioned officer from 1995 to 1997, the first and only African American to hold the post in the service's history.

He served nearly 29 years before his 1997 retirement, brought on in part by sexual harassment allegations against him. McKinney was acquitted of those charges by an Army panel but convicted of obstruction of justice for his interference in that investigation.


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