DMZ ambush aftermath, 1968

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: May 22, 2020

Craig Garner ©Stars and Stripes
South Korea, April, 1968: MPs carry the flag-draped caskets of Sgt. James L. Anderson of Camp Springs, Md., and Spc. 4 Larry M. Wood of Barstow, Ill., who along with two South Koreans were killed while on patrol at the DMZ. Two other Americans were wounded in the ambush. In spite of considerable evidence found at the scene, North Korean Maj. Gen. Chung Kook Pak insisted at a meeting that "we had nothing to do with the incident." Rear Adm. John V. Smith, senior negotiator for the UNC, demanded "a concrete assurance that this will not happen again," but four more Americans were killed in a similar attack at the DMZ in October, 1969.

Three stories about the April, 1968 incident at the DMZ:
     N. Korea tries to provoke war, says U.N. Command
     DMZ ambush survivors seen lucky to be alive
     Survivor thought ambush was all-out attack

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