Checkpoint in Kosovo, 1999

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: December 10, 2018

Gary J. Kunich ©Stars and Stripes
Gnjilane, Kosovo, August, 1999: Sgt. Alejandro Rosas, right, takes the zip tie plastic handcuffs off of Selami Vokski while another soldier looks on. Vokski was stopped at a routine checkpoint by the soldiers, and was detained after they discovered he was carrying a butterfly knife. "Most times we use the ties on anyone we find with a weapon or if they're becoming difficult," Rosas said. Then, looking at his M-16 weapon, he added, "They usually comply." Rosas said Vokski would be detained until military police could arrive at the scene, and they would most likely confiscate the weapon. The soldiers, assigned to Camp Monteith, are from the 1st Batallion, 26th Infantry Regiment.

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