Close-to-home skiing

An Alpine ski break over the Christmas and New Year holidays would be a wonderful thing, but those of us sticking closer to home don’t have to be shut out of fun on the slopes entirely either. For right here in Germany, and not worlds away from us, ski areas suitable for a day out of family fun grace the local landscape.

In the Baumholder area? Erbeskopf is a reasonable bet, and was the subject of a Stripes’ Quick Trip article a couple of years ago. If you’re closer to Stuttgart, the Black Forest’s Feldberg would make for a fair day’s outing. Feldberg also featured as a Quick Trip destination a few years back.

Sharpen those skates; Europe has plenty of rinks!

One of the latest issues of Frommer’s newsletter features an article titled “Skate Around the Rink in Rinks Around the World.” The best outdoor skating rinks in Europe as identified by the author include those near the Tower of London and Warwick Castle in the U.K., as well as the Kongens Nytorv rink in Copenhagen. That’s a great start, and what’s more, there are many other delightful skating sites throughout Europe. Here are a few more outdoor rinks of which I’ve heard mention or discovered while researching this topic:


Now showing on AFN-- Rick Steves’ Europe TV series

Welcome news has come our way. American Forces Network will now be airing the popular “Rick Steves’ Europe” series.

According to a press release, Steves believes that all Americans deserve the know-how to make their overseas adventures fun, affordable and culturally broadening. Because of this, he has donated the use of his popular series to AFN as a public service. Stateside, the program airs on public television and is underwritten by American Airlines.

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