Soak up the sun

One fact about living in Europe is there really aren’t a lot of places where it’s downright hot in the dead of winter. Nonetheless, there are plenty of locales where it remains quite pleasant late into autumn.

In the mood for one last getaway to a place where you can at least walk around in short sleeves? Here’s a peek at the average highs and lows in southern European cities frequented by tourists for Nov. 24, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year.
The information is from www.weather.com and is given in degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Limassol, Cyprus: 69/49
  • Nice, France: 59/46
  • Marseille, France: 56/42
  • Athens, Greece: 63/50
  • Naples, Italy: 60/44
  • Rome, Italy: 59/41
  • Trapani, Italy: 65/52
  • Valletta, Malta: 66/55
  • Lisbon, Portugal: 62/50
  • Faro, Portugal: 65/50
  • Funchal, Portugal: 70/59
  • Barcelona, Spain: 60/44
  • Madrid, Spain: 56/38
  • Antalya, Turkey: 67/49

Planning to stay closer to home? In Munich, the average high and low temperatures for this same day are 41/30; in Prague, anticipate 41/39. Check the forecast for your chosen destination to know whether to pack shorts or a ski parka.

Europe hosts spooktacular events for Halloween

Halloween gains ground in Germany every year. Whatever your pleasure, be it a stroll through an autumnal landscape or having the wits scared out of you in a creaky castle, you’ll find seasonally appropriate fun. Here is a roundup of Halloween outings:

Hassloch: Holiday Park dons the fitting Halloween look in October. The park promises spooky fun appropriate for all ages. On Oct. 27 and 31 and Nov. 3, the park stays open until 9 p.m. Park entry costs 26 euros for those taller than 4-feet, 3-inches; 6 euros for those between 2-feet, 9-inches and 4-feet, 2-inches; and is free for those shorter than 2-feet, 8-inches. Find details at www.plopsa.be/holiday-park/en/event/happy-halloween.

Yuletide markets

In Germany, the Christmas season is synonymous with Christmas markets.

One way to experience several in a short amount of time is to book a river cruise along the Rhine or Danube.