Wednesday, Oct. 3: An auto-free day in Germany

There's one day left to jump on  your bike and head out to participate in one of Germany’s wonderful auto-free days:  Oct. 3: Obrigheim Autofreies Eistal, in the Leiningerland, highway will be closed  to traffic between Ebertsheim and Grünstadt northwest of the German Wine Road, 25 km.

If you’ve never taken part in one of the auto-free days, you’re in for a treat. You may find the start or end points of the route choked with the cars of people driving to the event. Trains can also get chockablock with bikes and riders. A possible means to avoid this is to begin at a midpoint along the stretch of highway closed to motorized traffic.

Cost of booking flights online to become more transparent

Ever get vexed by the lure of a cheap flight, only to find that the hidden charges bring the actual total ticket price way beyond what you thought you’d be paying? In Europe, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to one of those annoying surcharges that turn up just as you’re about to book a ticket online.

According to publications that track the air industry, the extra cost of paying for airline tickets by debit card is poised to become a thing of the past. Consumer lobbying, strengthened by enforcement action taken by the United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading, has resulted in 12 airlines agreeing to include the cost of debit card transactions in the stated price of tickets.