Help identifying those mystery photos

Do you snap hundreds of photos with your digital camera while on vacation, only to return home and wonder what that beautiful landmark was?

An Internet search using key words — assuming you remember what city you were in — probably will help you to come up with the name of it eventually, but there’s an even easier approach.

Simply log on to www.google.com and select the “images” tab. An icon depicting a camera appears in the search box. Upload your mystery photo — the process can take several seconds — and the search engine will produce a “best guess for this image.”

If the best guess isn’t a location you’ve visited lately, browse through the similar images. By clicking on the images and visiting the websites where they appear, process of elimination often will allow you to determine exactly what it was you saw in the course of your travels.

If you travel with a smart phone, there’s no need to wait until you arrive home to identify that landmark. An app called Google Goggles works on either an iPhone or an Android. In addition to helping you identify landmarks, this handy app can help put a name to a work of art or translate texts from a sign or a menu. This invaluable tool is available at google.de/mobile/goggles/#text.


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