Website shows status of American vets

Did you know that of the nation’s more than 22 million veterans, the largest populations live in California, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania?

But those aren’t the states with highest percentage of veterans. That status belongs to Alaska, Montana, Maine, Virginia and Wyoming. And if you delve into veterans by county, you’ll find that a disproportionate number live in rural areas, where incomes are lower, according to the Housing Assistance Council, which has developed a new online database tool to look at how veterans are faring in their communities.

While veterans in Maryland, Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii and Washington, D.C., have the highest median incomes -- ranging from $70,516 to $80,733 -- Washington’s veterans also have the country’s highest poverty rate at 10.4 percent, and 10.1 percent of its veterans are unemployed.

These are just a few of the facts that the interactive database contains. The site, www.veteransdata.info, was developed using data from a wide range of sources, with support from JPMorgan Chase.

The interactive map provides data about veterans in every U.S. county, including demographic and economic indicators, housing characteristics, homeless rates and population numbers. It also offers a fact sheet for each state, providing details on population, proportion, prevalence by county, median income, poverty levels, unemployment, disability, housing facts and more.

“Often, we seem to lack useful and complete details on the status of American veterans,” HAC Executive Director Moises Loza said in a statement. “These new resources will help.”

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