Final Pacific high school basketball ratings

1, Morrison Academy, Taiwan, 35-0, first at D-II. As perfect a season as coach Dan Robinson can ever ask, mercy-ruled all but one team at Far East D-II.
2, Kubasaki, Okinawa, 41-8, first at D-I. Now, can we play the "winner-take-all" showdown, Mustangs vs. Dragons, at Boracay?
3, Seoul American, 36-8, second at D-I. Looks as if last season’s 15th-place finish was a mere aberration. "We’re back," says coach Steve Boyd. He’s right.
4, Kadena, Okinawa, 26-17, third at D-I. Solid finish for Sumpter, Street, Skylar & Co.
5, Yokota, Japan, 28-13, fourth at D-I. Shared the Kanto title, kept the huge roll going until D-I semifinals.
6, St. Paul Christian, 7-2, second at D-II. That Morgan Aiken and Kory Borja are a handful.
7, Nile C. Kinnick, 18-17, fifth at D-I. Closed with a rush, including a huge buzzer-beating upset of Hong Kong.
8, Robert D. Edgren, Japan, 25-6, third at D-II. Best DODDS finish at D-II.
9, Guam High, 12-7, seventh at D-I. Kaleb Mitchell is the real deal.
10, Christian Academy Japan, 17-12, eighth at D-I. Sharing Kanto Plain title keeps Knights in the top 10.

1, Seoul American, 27-2, first at D-I. Unquestionably the best starting five this tournament has seen since Faith Academy in 1998.
2, Faith Academy, Philippines, 24-6, second at D-I. Grace & Kelly show came one win away from gold-medal glory.
3, St. Paul Christian, Guam, 7-2, first at D-II. As usual, guards did the damage, Momoko Ennis, Sam Nauta and Jaymee Cruz.
4, Yokota, Japan, 30-6, third at D-I. Strong finish, avenged earlier-season losses to Hong Kong and Kadena at Far East.
5, Kadena, Okinawa, 14-18, fourth at D-I. Once more, ignore the win-loss record; this was a solid performance emblematic of the entire season, not just a Far East tournament rush.
6, Daegu American, 25-12, second at D-II. Gallant performance by the senior triad of Bergman-Robinet-Kwon; just one win short.
7, Academy of Our Lady of Guam, 5-3, fifth at D-I. Memo to opposing coaches re: Bri’s Threes: Do NOT let Brianna Benito spot up behind the arc. She will smoke you.
8, American School In Japan, 14-6, sixth at D-I. Might have finished a step or so higher had not Katrina Heiberg and Liz Thornton not each suffered a left-arm injury.
9, Hong Kong International, 18-6, seventh at D-I. Solid finish with point guard Stefanie Young back in the lineup.
10, Simon Sanchez, Guam, 5-3, eighth at D-I. With super sophs Kristine Redolozo and Kiana Castro and junior sharpshooter Virlynn Gustilo in the lineup, Sharks will give folks problems this spring.

Think this is all a bunch of hooey? Think you have a better Top 10 to offer? Shout it out! Be true to your school, but keep it civil and remember, you’ve entered THE "No-Hate Zone." J

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