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You find yourself in an unfamiliar place and you’re wondering what special events are happening nearby. How can you orient yourself? A quick perusal of the city’s official tourism website might turn up a few good leads. Nowadays, another helpful option is to make use of search engines dedicated to finding geo-tagged events. Eventful and Evensi are just two examples of such sites.

Eventful describes itself as a digital media company connecting consumers with entertainment and local events through online, mobile and e-mail platforms. According to its website, the company has some 22 million users across the globe. Evensi is a continuously updated data base of events offering its users the chance to find more than 45 million events based on specific interests worldwide.

Let’s suppose we will find ourselves in Trier without plans through Independence Day weekend. By entering specific dates and a 25 mile radius of this location within Eventful’s search parameters, we learn of events to include a dog show, theater performances for children, an open-air heavy metal festival and a dance workshop. Using the same criteria in a search conducted with Evensi, we discover a hip-hop night at a club, a concert at a winery, an art exhibition and organ concert. Both websites offer links to ticket sellers and event feeds into your social media accounts based on your specific interests. Of course they’re equally handy for discovering what’s on in the city you call home.

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