Bar Trattoria Cavour near Aviano is perfect for date night

The chocolate torte at Bar Trattoria Cavour in Sacile, Italy, was the perfect way to end a superb meal. The restaurant has been serving classic Italian and regional Friulian favorites since 1963.


By NORMAN LLAMAS | Stars and Stripes | Published: October 29, 2020

Bar Trattoria Cavour in the town of Sacile, about nine miles southwest of Aviano Air Base, has been serving delicious classic Italian and traditional Friulian dishes since 1963.

With its refined atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for couples who want to enjoy a romantic dinner without the kids. The menu prices might also make you want to leave the kids at home this time.

Inside, the restaurant has a cozy, welcoming dining room. Outside, a beautiful terrace extends into the garden overlooking the Livenza river, where diners can enjoy their meals during the summer.

Although the menu changes regularly, you will always find a good range of meal choices. When we went, the appetizers included Fiocco di Sauris, a lean and mild-tasting ham that is lightly smoked and refined with aromatic herbs. It comes from the mountain village of Sauris in the middle of the Dolomites.

Other appetizers included a pumpkin flan with crispy, cured Italian bacon; frico, which is a dish made with cheese, potatoes and onions, served with polenta; and crostini with creamed cod.

Next, Bar Trattoria Cavour had four pasta dishes available. It’s typical of Italian restaurants to offer a variety of pasta dishes after the appetizer course.

One of the pasta dishes stood out to us: the pumpkin ravioli. It was fresh, served with a honey sauce and sprinkled with a regional smoked, aged cheese. The combination of flavors and freshness made us loudly exclaim upon trying it. As my wife put it, it was like eating little clouds of happiness.

After the pasta course, Italians serve meats, and at the Bar Trattoria Cavour we had a choice of baked lamb chops with grilled potatoes, baked monkfish with potatoes and olives, a seabass fillet with prosecco wine and vegetables, and a baked pork cheek served over polenta.

We chose the baked pork cheek and we didn’t regret it. The presentation was clean and mouth-watering. The taste was even better.

We topped off our meal with tiramisu and a slice of chocolate torte for dessert. Both went well with a cup of coffee or dessert wine.

Bar Trattoria Cavour offers a full bar and traditional non-alcoholic drinks such as water, sodas and coffee.

In addition to being ideal for a date night, the restaurant is also available for business lunches or company dinners.

Make a reservation, though. Others will have the same idea.

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Address: Via Cavour 31, 33077 Sacile

Hours: Monday to Friday, 12 to 2 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 7 to 9 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

Food: Classic Italian cuisine, traditional Friulian cuisine, salads, desserts. Kids are allowed in the restaurant, but there’s no kids menu available.

Drinks: A full bar with an extensive wine selection as well as sodas, juice, water and coffee are available.

Prices: About 21 to 38 euros ($24 to $42) for most meals

Menu: Italian only. All the servers speak English, are friendly and very helpful.

Information: Phone: +39 0434 71489. Email: info@trattoriacavour.com

Eating the pumpkin ravioli, one of the first course offerings at Bar Trattoria Cavour in Sacile, Italy, was like biting into a little cloud of happiness, my wife said.