Another way to think about foie gras

By LEAH LARKIN | Special to Stars and Stripes | Published: January 8, 2015

A word about foie gras, a very controversial topic.

True, the geese or ducks are force-fed corn during the last week or so of their lives. I, too, thought this was torture, but many years ago I worked on a goose farm in the area for a day. The geese lead happy, outdoor lives with plenty of space to wander until they are caged near the end for the feeding. The cages are spacious. The birds do not resist the feeding. And, the slaughter was humane.

Think of chicken farms where foul are packed together in cages and never see the outdoors. Think of cattle crowded in feedlots and gorged with grain. The French birds, in my opinion, fare far better. Of course not all French foul may get the same humane treatment as those I observed.

The bottom line: Most of us eat meat and chicken. Is eating foie gras any different? Taste it before you decide. 

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