Stars and Stripes holds its staff to high quality standards for its journalism. As a result, staffers routinely garner recognition for excellence.


  • Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Awards
    The Colonel John H. Magruder III Award for the exhibit The Marines and Tet: The Battle that Changed the Vietnam War
  • US Navy Public Affairs Association
    Distinguished Service Award


  • Columbia Journalism School Dart Awards
    Feature Story Reporting (Daily Circulation 1-50,000)
    Finalist: Martin Kuz: “Army Sgt. Issac Sims left the war in Iraq, but it didn’t leave him”


  • Sigma Delta Chi Award
    Feature Story Reporting (Daily Circulation 1-50,000)
    Recipient: Martin Kuz: “Death shapes life for teams that prepare bodies of fallen troops for final flight home"
  • Military Visual Awards
    Four categories: Sports (2nd), Multimedia Story (2nd), Portrait (3rd),
    Picture Story (Honorable Mention)
    Recipient: TSgt Josh DeMotts
  • VFW News Media Award
    Award for outstanding contributions to a better understanding of our American way of life and its institutions and interests by honest and forthright reporting.


  • Military Reporters and Editors
    Award for Print - Overseas coverage, small circulation
    Recipient: Laura Rauch
  • Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing Contest
    Notable Narrative Winner
    Recipient: Martin Kuz: "Soldiers Recount Attack"
  • National Headline Awards
    Second Place: News Series (Forever After: A Warrior Wounded; A Family Challenged)
  • Best of Web
    Honorable Mention: Stripes UK website


  • Military Photographer of the Year: Honorable Mention
    Recipient: Joshua DeMotts
  • Sigma Delta Chi Award
    Breaking News Photography (Newspaper Circulation 100,001+ or Affiliated Website/National Magazine.)
    Recipient: Laura Rauch: "For those I love I will sacrifice"
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation
    The John Reagan “Tex” McCrary Excellence in Journalism Award


  • Military Reporters and Editors
    Award for Overseas coverage (< 100,000 circulation)
    Recipient: Jon Rabiroff
  • National Headliner Awards
    • First Place: Public Service (Forcing Change)
    • Third Place: News Series (Coming Home: The Men of Triple Deuce)


  • George Polk Awards in Journalism
    George Polk Award for Military Reporting
    Recipients: Charlie Reed, Leo Shane III and Kevin Baron
  • Editorial & Design Awards
    • Editorial Print - Special Supplement: HEROES 2009
    • Custom Publication Design: Stripes GAMER


  • Military Reporters and Editors
    Award for Overseas coverage (< 100,000 circulation)
    Recipient: Monte Morin


  • Military Reporters and Editors
    • Award for Overseas coverage (< 100,000 circulation)
      Recipients: Monte Morin, Joe Giordono
      Honorable mention: Nancy Montgomery
    • Photography (<100,000 circulation)
      Recipient: Fred Zimmerman
  • NAA ACME Award of Excellence
    • Youth Oriented Ad Series/Campaign: Stripes GAMER
    • Entertainment Promotions: Tales from the Crib


  • Military Reporters and Editors
    • Award for Overseas print coverage (<100,000 circulation)
      Recipient: Steve Liewer
    • Award for Photography (<100,000 circulation)
      Recipient: Terry Boy


  • Excellence in Journalism Award (American Legion)
    Ground Truth Series


  • Scripps Howard Foundation National Journalism Award
    First Amendment, Finalist 2003