Traumatic brain injury

Living with TBI: Veteran injured in Iraq in '07 is on to a second career as a teacher

Marine Corps Capt. Wally Blair suffered a traumatic brain injury about three weeks into his deployment to Iraq in September 2007 when a roadside bomb exploded near a vehicle he was riding in. Eight years passed before Blair was diagnosed with TBI and today he is thriving, even working toward a second career as a social studies teacher.

Study: Iraq-Afghanistan veterans who develop epilepsy more at risk of death

Veterans who develop epilepsy were 2.6 times more likely to die during a five-year span than their peers, according to a study presented at an American Epilepsy Society meeting Sunday in Houston.

Study tracks which part of brain is particularly vulnerable to injury

Blasts from explosives have long been known to cause mild traumatic brain injury in combat veterans, but a new study by Seattle experts sheds light on how — and where — lasting harm may occur.

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