New al-Shabab video calls Trump 'brainless billionaire'

U.S. earlier this year approved expanded military operations against al-Shabab, including more aggressive airstrikes and considering parts of southern Somalia areas of active hostilities.

France bringing top Libyan rivals together in new initiative

Libya, split between rival governments and militias, is a breeding ground for Islamic State militants and people-traffickers preying on migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

At least 8 dead after suicide bombers hit camps in Nigeria

Boko Haram's eight-year insurgency has killed more than 20,000 people, spilled into neighboring countries and created one of the world's largest humanitarian crises.

UN: Moroccan peacekeeper killed in Central African Republic

Hundreds of people have been killed in Central African Republic and roughly 100,000 displaced in the past two months.

Nigeria oil thieves keep a lid on output even as bombs abate

Even after the government quelled a militant uprising that sent production to a 30-year low last August, smaller-scale sabotage caused by people trying to steal oil remains rife.

Egypt opens military base says largest in region

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has inaugurated a military base in the country's northwest to protect facilities and projects in coastal cities.

Libyan PM decries edict by clerics loyal to rival government

A week ago, a religious committee under the government based in eastern Libya targeted Ibadi followers, describing them as a "misguided and aberrant group."

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