11 suicide vests discovered at Afghan military headquarters

Afghan members of the joint force patrol in Wardak province, Afghanistan, in 2009.


By STARS AND STRIPES Published: March 27, 2012

Eleven suicide vests were discovered in rooms at Afghanistan's Ministry of Defense headquarters in Kabul, according to a CBS News report. The discovery was confirmed by a ministry official.

Although an investigation into the discovery is still in the early stages, it is known that 11 buses transporting Afghan army personnel were scheduled to leave the ministry parking lot, the CBS report said. Investigators are theorizing that a bomber was supposed to board each of the buses and they would stage a simultaneous attack, CBS reported.

Six Afghan soldiers were arrested at the scene and the British Broadcasting Corp. reported Tuesday that 12 more arrests have been made.

The Afghan government has so far refused to confirm the plot, the CBS report said.

Source: CBS News