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Some of Tanque Verde's younger guests get to know the horses at the dude ranch. (Bill Fink/Chicago Tribune/TNS)<br>

Dude ranch vacation stands the test of time

Returning to the Arizona dude ranch of my youth as an adult, it was comforting to see that some things remained the same. The desert landscape was unchanged. The horses still wanted to stop to eat shrubs on the trail. Kids still found equine flatulence hysterical. And the old wranglers were as cranky as ever.

The see-eat-drink-shop reasons to visit Birmingham, Ala.

Since Jefferson County crawled out of bankruptcy, Birmingham, Ala., has revitalized several neighborhoods, earned more recognition for its chefs and earned a national-monument designation for its Birmingham Civil Rights District, one of President Barack Obama’s last acts in office.

Chase's Sapphire Reserve ranks highest in credit card benefits for travelers

Chase's Sapphire Reserve sweeps the most categories for benefits to credit card holders who travel. But the answer is highly personal and depends on your individual travel goals.

Disney theme parks soon to get a whole lot of Marvel

Fans of Disney theme parks and superheroes, brace yourselves. The Marvel universe is coming, and the impact will not be small.

5 ways to play in a charming Gold Rush town

Like many Gold Rush towns, Groveland has a checkered history, one rich in booms, busts, rogues and miners. Of course, the town's name was not nearly as bucolic back in 1848, when it was part of the Savage Diggins.

Time-saving tips from the well-traveled

Traveling can take a lot of time, whether you're flying or driving. Time-saving tips can help you to save minutes here and there, which add up to more time enjoying your trip. We asked well-traveled agents to provide their best time-saving travel tips:

Whirlwind tour of New Mexico proves enchanting

When I proposed a tour of New Mexico, all my California friends asked, "What's in New Mexico?" The answer: More enchanted places than you can imagine.

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