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The small downtown in Sylva, N.C., is a trio of streets stacked at one-story intervals. Main Street is a slice of Mayberry. Photo by Nick Breedlove/Jackson County Tourism Development Authority<br>

Tiny Sylva, N.C., is an Asheville alternative for the crowd-weary

Six years on a Navy frigate have left my son, Bing, a bit jaded about visiting crowded cities. So I proposed a visit Sylva, N.C., for two days of rarified alt-country living.

A whirlwind of a New Mexico adventure

A good old-fashioned road trip -- one fueled by roadside diners, stops at oddball attractions and frequent forays into nature -- does the soul good. At least that's what I found when I flew to El Paso, Texas, and joined GeoBetty Tours for a five-day spin through southeastern New Mexico.

5 stellar 'La La Land' locations to see in Los Angeles

Whether you're swooning over Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling or marveling over just how great Los Angeles looks on the silver screen, there's little doubt that the new "La La Land" has put L.A. in the romantic spotlight.

Digging into great food and dark history in Charleston, S.C.

We wound through the narrow streets of Charleston, following our tour guide. Under a canopy of oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, he paused to explain the sultry, laid-back vibe of South Carolina's oldest city.

On Colorado's San Juan Skyway with one eye on the road, one on the scenery

In just 70 miles on Colorado's San Juan Skyway, I photographed a neon hot spring, cowgirls on horseback, hillsides blazing with Aspen, abandoned mines, sheer cliffs, harrowing drops, mountains rising more than 13,000 feet and the funky former mining town of Silverton with its namesake railroad.

Rediscovering life's real magic aboard the Disney Wonder

I was, as I kept telling people, "not a cruise person" and "not a Disney person". I was also sometimes a seasick person, but as I settled into my stateroom with my 8- and 5-year-old daughters, I realized I couldn't have been more excited to cast off into the abyss.

Will this be your year to ride a mule in the Grand Canyon?

It’s a thrill to savor, but not that many travelers these days get to take the classic mule ride at Grand Canyon National Park.

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