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Fisherman Zane Osborn holds up the stone crab he caught. The crab appears to have caught a lobster, too. <br>Lori Rackl/Chicago Tribune/TNS

New food tours offer deep dive into Key West seafood and rum

"I'm the Administer of Rum," says Key West chef Paul Menta. "When there's a problem, I administer rum ... and there's not a problem anymore."

From Orlando to Sanibel Island, finding magic in the Florida kingdom

For more than a moment, I found magic in Orlando. As I stood in the glow of Cinderella’s Castle on a crisp November night, fireworks filled the sky and the songs of childhood pealed when Tinker Bell, a human sprite in bright green tights and Day-Glo wings, popped out of a turret and zip-lined toward Tomorrowland like a cartoonish flare.

For Gulf Coast thrill seekers, Alabama theme park to open in May

A new theme park coming to Alabama’s Gulf Coast hopes to fill a void left by Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of Six Flags New Orleans more than a decade ago.

Minnesota’s Glensheen shining in bid for return tourists

Millionaire Chester Congdon built Glensheen mansion to foster his thriving iron-mining business. The mansion was started in 1905 and finished in 1908. Just a few years ago, the historic Glensheen mansion perched on Lake Superior’s North Shore struggled to lure tourists through the door.

Catch cruise deals during ‘wave season’

Never heard of wave season? The “calendar phenomenon,” as one cruise industry executive calls it, is that sweet spot when cruise lines announce their best and broadest offers. Free air. Cabin upgrades. Discounted cruise fares. And heads up, cruisers, because it’s happening right now.

Breakthrough could cure jet lag forever

The medical community has taken the next step toward finding a jet-lag cure. A protein called REV-ERBa (pronounced ree-verb-AY) may be the key to unlocking a regular, healthy circadian rhythm no matter where (or when) in the world you are.

Your in-flight movie screen is going extinct

The proliferation of iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, in tandem with increasingly reliable inflight Wi-Fi, has led to a profound shift by many airlines, which now view entertainment on shorter flights as best delivered wirelessly, without the expense or hassles posed by screens.

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