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  • Chelsea Manning found guilty of violating prison rules

    19 August 2015
    status, Strangio said. The intelligence analyst, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was... Chelsea Manning found guilty of violating prison rules... WICHITA, Kan. — Convicted national security leaker Chelsea Manning was found guilty Tuesday of
  • Jonathan Pollard, convicted spy, soon eligible for 'mandatory parole'

    24 July 2015
    in the intelligence community, including a 35-year sentence for former U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning... , now Chelsea Manning, who leaked thousands of classified or sensitive files to the WikiLeaks anti... -secrecy organization. Manning is eligible for parole after eight years, and her defenders argue that she was acting as
  • Advocacy groups hail military move to study transgender issues

    14 July 2015
    in 2013, when Chelsea Manning, the Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning, announced her... Army initially refused to pay for Manning’s hormone therapy before relenting in February, after Manning
  • NATO maneuvers to keep cool war with Russia from becoming hot

    23 June 2015
    States is moving about 250 tanks, howitzers and Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Estonia, population 1... expand and modernize his military, but "mismanagement, changes in plans, corruption, manning issues
  • ‘I believed I was a failure'

    12 June 2014
    to carry ammunition to soldiers manning a sandbagged Humvee mounted with machine guns that was... into the armored vehicle with Staff Sgt. Justin Gallegos, Sgt. Bradley Larson and Mace. Staff Sgt
  • From military ban to bathrooms: 7 things to know about the transgender rights movement

    15 May 2015
    Pfc. Bradley Manning to change her name to Chelsea and Olympian Bruce Jenner’s televised coming out as... struggled with the issue. After initially denying hormone therapy and other treatment to Chelsea Manning
  • Bin Laden film leak by defense official referred to Justice Department

    18 December 2012
    prosecution of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who’s accused of providing thousands of secret and confidential
  • Team-by-team capsules

    11 March 2015
    ., P-SS; John McBain, Sr., CF-P; Kota Manning, Sr., 2B; Cody Sego, Fr., C; Nolan Adameic, Fr., C... performers — Bradley Burt, Jr., C; Chris McDonald, Sr., 1B; Chris Deibel, Jr., P; Kacey Walker, Fr
  • Former US soldier’s bid for political asylum in Germany drags on

    29 April 2013
    their cases. “Why should people like myself and Bradley Manning... due to be sentenced at court-martial later this month. Shepherd closely follows the case of Bradley... Manning, a hero of the war resistance movement for leaking classified documents, and he sees parallels in
  • Military approves hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning

    13 February 2015
    memo. Formerly named Bradley Manning, the soldier was convicted of sending classified... Military approves hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning... WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — In a first for the Army, Chelsea Manning, the convicted
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