From the archives: The other cartoonists of Stars and Stripes

Cartoon Capers - Not all illustrations and cartoons that appeared in YANK and Stars and Stripes were by staff members. In fact, the vast majority came from the servicemembers themselves, drawn through the decades in the foxholes in France, the jungles of south Vietnam or the hills of Korea, like the “Cartoon Caper” Sgt. Charles Slaughter from the 3rd Infantry Division sent in, and which was published in the Pacific edition of Stars and Stripes on June 18th, 1952. Other contributing artists that day were: Sgt. Marvin Friedman, 3rd Division; Cpl. Harry F. Habbitz, 24th Division; Sgt. Edward G. Kucera, Hq Co, School of Standards, 45th Division; Cpl. M. R. Slark, 802 EAB; Dick [no last name given], 62nd Engineers; Fehlman [no first name given], 21st Infantry Regiment; Efstathion [no full name or unit given].

When people think of Stars and Stripes and cartoons, the name that is mentioned most is that of Bill Mauldin. The Pulitzer-prize winning creator of "Willie & Joe" who drew for Stars and Stripes during WWII was deservedly beloved by GIs serving in the European Theater of Operations. But Stars and Stripes’ pages featured many, many other, often equally talented,  artists. Here are just a few. Be sure to check back to see more of the amazing art that graced the pages of Stars and Stripes and YANK magazine through the decades.

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