Travis J. Tritten

Guard, Pentagon cannot say how many US soldiers must repay bonuses

The National Guard and Pentagon on Friday still could not say how many soldiers in the United States might have their wartime re-enlistment bonuses reclaimed, despite claiming days ago that cases outside of California only number “in the dozens.”

House launches investigation of National Guard bonus reclaiming

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform requested the Army National Guard turn over all documents and audits related to it clawing back the decade-old payments of $15,000 or more to soldiers who agreed to re-enlist for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

House leadership calls for probe of Army reclaiming bonuses

A top House Republican on Sunday called for an investigation into the Army National Guard effort to reclaim decade-old, wartime re-enlistment bonuses from thousands of troops.

Islamic State is expected to fall back, wage urban warfare in Mosul

The Islamic State group is expected to fall back from its outer perimeter defenses in Mosul and wage what could be brutal urban combat inside the city of about 1.5 million people, a U.S. military official said Friday.

US servicemember killed by IED in Iraq

A U.S. servicemember died Thursday after being wounded by an improvised explosive device in northern Iraq, according to a statement by the military’s Combined Joint Task Force Inherent Resolve.

House Republicans make case for Trump defense plan

Hours ahead of the final presidential debate, a dozen House Republicans released an open letter of support Wednesday for Donald Trump’s defense plans and claimed that President Barack Obama’s administration has thrust reckless budget cuts on the military.

Veterans groups face off, spend big on Nevada race

Two veterans groups are pouring money into the Senate race in Nevada, staking out opposite sides as a Republican brigadier general takes on a Democrat lawyer in one of the closest and most pivotal battles of the 2016 election.

In Trump's shadow, military veterans vie for Senate control

Military veterans running for office in key races across the country are hoping to clinch a top Election Day prize – control of the Senate – but their campaigns are engulfed by the growing political fallout over Donald Trump’s comments about groping women.

Congress allows IVF coverage for wounded vets, with limits

Wounded veterans hoping to start families appeared to win a significant victory Thursday with a new law allowing coverage of fertility treatment through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military spending, pay raises among unfinished business as Congress recesses

The lights will stay on in the Pentagon and troops will get paid on time, at least through early December, after Congress averted a government shutdown with a last-minute, temporary budget deal Wednesday night.

Congress OKs temporary measure to avoid shutdown, military pay freeze

Troops will get their pay on time under a stop-gap measure approved Wednesday by both houses of Congress

Despite Pentagon warnings, Congress clears way for 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

Congress on Wednesday overrode a presidential veto and cleared the way for 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, despite warnings from the Defense Department.

Congress divided as shutdown again threatens troop pay

Call it déjà vu all over again – Congress is risking a government shutdown that could freeze troop pay and squeeze civilian defense workers, this time over the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Trump, Clinton clash on Islamic State, NATO in fiery presidential debate

Sparks flew as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed over Islamic State war plans, the NATO alliance and the war in Iraq on Monday during the presidential candidates’ first meeting on a debate stage.

Veteran groups intervene in fired Phoenix VA director lawsuit

A dozen veteran and military groups have entered the legal fight with former Department of Veterans Affairs executive Sharon Helman in hopes they can salvage a law allowing the department to fire top managers more quickly.

House panel: $1 trillion needed to reboot military

The ongoing fight in Congress over an $18-billion hike in military spending for 2017 has stalled the budget, but it might be small potatoes.


Military readiness crisis: Is it reality or just politics?

The ongoing debate over whether the military is sufficiently ready to fight and defend the country was shaken up in August.

Rebuild the military? Next president must win budget battle first

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have pledged on the campaign trail to get tough about the nation’s defense. But by spring, the next president’s military plans could already be hamstrung by Capitol Hill politics.

Congress unable to reach deal on defense budget

Congress will not finish an annual defense budget bill this month, putting off a decision on a controversial $18-billion spending hike until after the November election, according to sources familiar with negotiations.

Donation drive started for WWII vet robbed by caretakers

Army Staff Sgt. Dennis Ferk was wounded three times fighting in World War II and now he needs some help from the public after being bilked out of his life-savings.


Service chiefs paint bleak picture ahead of defense budget

In Senate committee testimony, the chiefs of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy complained about anemic budgets and painted bleak pictures of cash-strapped services with aging equipment, under-trained troops and a lack of preparations for war with a major world power such as Russia or China.