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Congress OKs temporary measure to avoid shutdown, military pay freeze

Troops will get their pay on time under a stop-gap measure approved Wednesday by both houses of Congress

Veteran groups intervene in fired Phoenix VA director lawsuit

A dozen veteran and military groups have entered the legal fight with former Department of Veterans Affairs executive Sharon Helman in hopes they can salvage a law allowing the department to fire top managers more quickly.

House panel: $1 trillion needed to reboot military

The ongoing fight in Congress over an $18-billion hike in military spending for 2017 has stalled the budget, but it might be small potatoes.


Military readiness crisis: Is it reality or just politics?

The ongoing debate over whether the military is sufficiently ready to fight and defend the country was shaken up in August.

Rebuild the military? Next president must win budget battle first

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have pledged on the campaign trail to get tough about the nation’s defense. But by spring, the next president’s military plans could already be hamstrung by Capitol Hill politics.

Congress unable to reach deal on defense budget

Congress will not finish an annual defense budget bill this month, putting off a decision on a controversial $18-billion spending hike until after the November election, according to sources familiar with negotiations.

Donation drive started for WWII vet robbed by caretakers

Army Staff Sgt. Dennis Ferk was wounded three times fighting in World War II and now he needs some help from the public after being bilked out of his life-savings.


Service chiefs paint bleak picture ahead of defense budget

In Senate committee testimony, the chiefs of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy complained about anemic budgets and painted bleak pictures of cash-strapped services with aging equipment, under-trained troops and a lack of preparations for war with a major world power such as Russia or China.

VA secretary says ideologues, corporations behind push for more private care

The secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs on Wednesday pushed back against new recommendations on private health care and blasted “ideologues” and corporate interests for trying to privatize the veteran medical system.

Ohio lawmaker: Make Congress use VA health care

An Ohio Republican has a plan to spur improvements at the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs — require members of Congress to abandon their private health insurance and instead use public VA health care.

Trump says Clinton should apologize or end her campaign

Donald Trump on Monday continued to hammer Hillary Clinton for calling his supporters “deplorables” while also pledging more support for the military to an audience of officers gathered for a National Guard Association convention.

‘I put my hands on the man who killed four’

In a matter of seconds, Capt. Florent “Flo” Groberg’s life changed forever.

Clinton, Trump spar on VA privatization

Hillary Clinton claimed Wednesday that Donald Trump is leading an effort to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system as the two lobbed attacks during a forum in New York City.

Despite Obama decision, House still angling for 2.1 percent military pay raise

Troops will see yet another low pay raise next year if President Barack Obama has his way, but the president’s decision to limit an increase to 1.6 percent is not necessarily a done deal.

Pentagon’s ‘hardball’ memo stokes budget fight

Lawmakers were barely back to work on the defense budget Tuesday when a bitter fight flared again over a leaked Pentagon memo.

'Near the end of the day, things didn’t get any better'

Eight soldiers, stranded in a dry riverbed in Vietnam, faced a grim fate as they watched U.S. gunships and other air power disappear from the sky.

‘I put my hands on the man who killed four’

In a matter of seconds, Capt. Florent “Flo” Groberg’s life changed forever.

Ahead of next week's live-broadcast forum, Trump and Clinton vie for veterans' votes

Donald Trump on Thursday followed his Democratic presidential rival with a speech to veterans in Ohio vowing to make U.S. schooling more patriotic, overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs and rebuild the military.

Clinton embraces US exceptionalism, veterans issues in American Legion speech

Hillary Clinton appealed to Republican veterans in Ohio on Wednesday, saying that the United States remains an exceptional nation and top global leader but Donald Trump is threatening to undermine its standing.

GAO: A-10 retirement leaves search and rescue gap

The Air Force does not have a clear plan for retiring and replacing the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft – or reliable estimates of how much money the move could save, according to a federal audit released Wednesday.

Trump reverses course on NATO alliance

Donald Trump said Monday he will work with NATO to combat the Islamic State group if elected president, reversing his earlier statements that the military alliance is obsolete and his administration might not honor U.S. membership obligations.