AAFES shouldn’t still use VHS

Regarding the article “Projection technology brings reel change: As some AAFES cinemas receive digital upgrades, others will close” (Feb. 17 in Mideast edition, Feb. 15 in Europe and Pacific editions): As a civilian employee working alongside U.S. Army soldiers here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we are grateful for the moral support-boosting we get from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service providing us with copies of current movie releases for weekly showings in our training room. This is especially appreciated being in a country where movie theaters are banned. But I would like AAFES to consider changing its policy of providing us with the current stone age VHS tape copies and go to a watchable DVD format.

When I checked into this matter recently, I found servicemembers at frontline bases in Afganistan are provided with the same substandard VHS tape copies. So we’re not so much worried about where the stadium seating is going yet as much as seeing a viewable movie.

George Mulhern
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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