Year in Review 2012

There were significant setbacks as soldiers in Afghanistan transitioned from fighting to mentoring. A mass murder of Afghan civilians and some cultural missteps hindered NATO’s efforts to win hearts and minds in the 11th year of America’s longest war, while incidents of Afghan police and soldiers murdering their American mentors spiked. Some nagging problems persisted more broadly in the military, as well: Navy commanders were relieved at an alarming pace while bad behavior among troops in Japan resulted in curfews and liberty restrictions. Not among the problems, however, was the acceptance of gays serving openly, which despite dire forecasts by opponents happened without major incidents. As a new year begins, the military’s toughest foe might well be dwindling budgets.

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Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, Kip Ward among the most clicked names from the year’s news blogs.

14:37 December 27, 2012

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Know what an 'empathy belly' is? Remember the colonel convicted of fraud and bigamy, or the 'America's Got Talent' singer questioned for false claims of being a war hero? If they sound familiar, it's possibly because these are among the most read online stories from Stars and Stripes in 2012.