Sunrise over Arlington cemetery

The sun is completely over the horizon on the morning of May 4, 2014. The Capitol Building and the Washington Monument can be seen in the distance over the Potomac River.

ARLINGTON — The night sky split open to reveal brilliant shades of yellows, pinks and purples as the sun rose over Arlington National Cemetery on May 4, 2014. This gallery walks through the dark hours before the sun breaches night through it rising over well-known Washington, D.C. landmarks and the cemetery.

Grave markers within the cemetery are cast in different hues as the early morning sun glances off of them. The cemetery comes to life with wildlife, too, as birds grab their morning meals talking to each other and squirrels run about unworried about the visitors that would fill the cemetery in just a few hours. 

Arlington National Cemetery let the public and media in for a rare, early morning photo shoot on that Sunday. With only a few dozen photographers roaming the grounds in two specific areas (photographers had to choose between Arlington House and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), it was as peaceful as it was beautiful. 

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