Post DADT repeal, openly gay among AF Academy graduates

As President Obama told the new Air Force Academy graduates they were entering the finest Air Force in the world, openly gay cadets were among the listeners for the first time since the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” according to an ABCNews.com feature.

The story quotes current and former academy students who say the Academy community has been welcoming to the repeal of DADT.

An excerpt from the feature:

“It’s just been really open, a lot of acceptance. I haven’t heard anyone say, ‘I hate this. I can’t serve in the military with this,’” said 3rd Class Cadet Kevin Wise, a second-year management major. “It’s a sense of ‘OK, this is their lifestyle, but they’re still the person I’ve spent 21 credit hours a semester next to or I’ve gone through this with,’” he said.

Wise said he knew several classmates who chose to come out in the past few months. “Honestly, for me, it was, ‘Oh well, I kind of had a suspicion since I’ve known you for two years now, but you just move on,” he said.

The story goes on to note the rising profile of LGBT clubs across the military and add a timeline of DADT.

According to one Air Force spokesman, the acceptance of the LGBT community within the academy mirrors the general perception of American society.

“No big changes, no real growing pains,” said the spokesman.

Source: ABCNews.com

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