Protesters cut through Italy base fence, say they sowed marijuana seeds

In a screen capture from the video posted by the so-called NoDalMolin movement, intruders cut through the fence to gain access to Tormeno Ammunition Storage Point 7 at Arcugnano, Italy.

VICENZA, Italy — Several people breached a fence at a U.S. Army installation last week and sowed what they said were some 200,000 marijuana seeds to demonstrate their opposition to war and their conviction that the area should be “devoted to agriculture, horticulture and the well-being and sociability of Vicenza.”

The action was announced on the website of the so-called NoDalMolin movement, which opposed the building of the Army base Del Din. A video posted on the website Thursday showed people wearing masks cutting through a fence and planting seeds in an enclosed area.

The intruders scattered the seeds just inside the fence on Tormeno Ammunition Storage Point 7 at Arcugnano, a small facility for small-arms ammunition, according to the U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza.

The garrison was alerted to the trespass by Italian police. Officials said the ammunition at the facility had not been a target of the group. The ammunition, they said, was stored in a hardened facility, with “layers of defense,” and was inaccessible.

On its website, NoDalMolin invited Vicenza residents to a “great harvest festival” in October.

Italian police are investigating the incident.


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