AFN changing TV channel frequencies at 2 Stuttgart barracks

STUTTGART, Germany — AFN channels for Kelley Barracks and Robinson Barracks in Stuttgart will be assigned new broadcast frequencies Tuesday, according to a release from Telepost Kabel-Service.

TKS said the channels will be moved to their new frequencies at an undetermined time during the day but the process will be done by 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Once the previously used channels appear to be “off air,” viewers should retune their televisions to detect the newly assigned channels.

“Performing a ‘scan for all available channels’ will recapture all of the AFN channels at their newly assigned broadcast frequencies,” the release stated.

Anyone experiencing reception issues can contact the 24-hour TKS Customer Service Hotline at 01804-857762, which costs 20 euro cents from a German landline.

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