Airmen to be evaluated on how they create positive work environment

The Air Force this week announced that airmen will be judged on how they create a positive work environment in addition to how well they do their jobs.

The move comes at the end of a year that left the service mired in scandal. The biggest centers on sexual misconduct between recruits and drill instructors at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

In a news release, the Air Force said airmen would be graded on how they contributed to a culture of "dignity and respect."

Formally adding it to the evaluation paperwork, considered by promotion boards, adds consequences for those who fall short. Basically, the message is those who act out can forget about adding stripes.

Here’s an excerpt from the Air Force news release:

This increased focus is part of the overall Air Force effort to accentuate the emphasis on sexual assault prevention and response but encompasses a great deal more, according to Lt. Gen. Sam Cox, the deputy chief of staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services.

According to the general, organizational climate is defined as the way members in a unit perceive and characterize their unit environment. All Airmen are responsible for creating an organizational climate in which every member is treated with dignity and respect.

“It has always been the duty of every Airman to positively contribute to a healthy organizational climate by being a good wingman, adhering to and enforcing standards, not allowing any action that is harmful to the good order and discipline of the unit, not tolerating sexual assault and harassment or any type of discrimination, and of course, building an environment based on a foundation of dignity and respect,” Cox said. “This modification to policy now reinforces our responsibilities for organizational climate, ensures it is discussed during feedback and mandates its consideration on every Airman’s evaluation.”

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