57th Presidential Inauguration



For naval officer and wife, one last dance before deployment

With Navy Lt. Cmdr. Mike Greentree having been deployed four times before in his 12-year career, his wife, Vivian Greentree, has been to her share of military balls without a date. And with his fifth deployment coming up next week, Vivian Greentree was savoring every minute of the Commander in Chief’s Ball with her husband on her arm.

Budget battle threatens to shape Obama's legacy

In the next four years, President Barack Obama has a war in Afghanistan to end, a defense budget to balance and a legacy of diplomacy and national security to shape. Even before he took his second oath of office Monday, budget fights on Capitol Hill threatened to do all his legacy shaping for him.

Obama's second inaugural is a political speech

President Barack Obama never mentioned the words Democrat or Republican, yet his second inaugural address was a decidedly political speech.

President pledges to deal with climate change

Environmental groups hailed President Barack Obama's warning about climate change in his second inauguration speech, but said the president's words will soon be tested as he decides whether to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada.

Special interests gather for own inaugural parties

While most Americans caught distant glimpses of President Barack Obama's second inauguration festivities from their living room TVs and on the Internet, a privileged set of celebrities and special interests got pampered access Monday at exclusive soirees just blocks from the ceremonies.

Obama: Privilege to use King's Bible in inaugural

President Barack Obama says it was a privilege to take the oath of office using a Bible that had been owned by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Clinton, Carter join Obama inaugural gathering

Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter joined lawmakers and other dignitaries at the Capitol for President Barack Obama's ceremonial swearing-in Monday to a second term.

In their own voices, Americans assess what's ahead

AP journalists are fanning out across the capital to cover Inauguration Day as part of a running feed of content and analysis. Here are their reports, which will be updated through the day.

Obama inaugural speech references Stonewall riots

President Barack Obama referenced the Stonewall gay-rights riots in his inaugural address, classing them as a civil rights watershed along with key moments in the struggles for blacks and women.